Friday, August 20, 2010

Hey Elle Here!!!

And no, I am not dead... so I have a few announcements, My Cousin and her friends along with her owner Ali, Got a blog here on blogger!!!! So I will post again about that!!! Anyway about my family that I have never met... Ali is getting #35! I found out that she is my fraternal Twin Sister Eep so cool!!! Also my owners sister left for PENN STATE MAIN CAMPUS so now my owner has an entire room to herself!! She put our room in hers so we posted a room tour on youtube, its in two parts, we like to go in to detail! Just search AmericanGirl9201 and click room tour part 1!!! And Julie is not going to the doll hospitial my owner is fixing her girls her self!! Her patients for right now are Kate(Kit),Kailey,Aly(Julie),Rachel(Ruthie),Lindsey,Serena(Kaya). So my owner is posting a few videos of them while she gets to fixing them! Alrighty well I was posting while waiting for my new series Eleven to post... Its done so I will hopefully post tomorrow!!! Bye!!!