Thursday, April 29, 2010

An Issue,

All my sisters are BEGGING me to make them all a blog so I am going to make a site where all of our blogs combine, I will make said site now and give you the Link then!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Darling Fans,
Hey its Elle, I am very happy mom is buying either the school desk+stuff or asking her mom to take her to see the Legally Blonde The Musical on tour!Anyway, as I grow older I find more about myself as in I found family to love me Kate,Kailey,Aly,Penny,Mom,Lanie,Elizabeth,Virgina even if they arent my birth family I still love them, oh and I found one more family member, KATE KITTEREDGE! From Girloftheyearstudios, I just found out that she is my cousin, I have already made a slideshow with random facts about myself here is the video and here is my cousins owner's youtube, I am awaiting a video about her! Also, I have finally found a penpal her blog is linked here! so yeah LYL(Love you LOADS!)

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Since my pen pal is Sophie I thought I'd pay more attention in french and learn a little bit more French. Tomorrow is Easter! And I made my decision on what American Girl Doll to get (Merci à Sophie) I am going to get Elizabeth! Merci Sophie! Now I have an Easter question for you. What is your favorite Easter Candy?????? MINE IS EASTER CHOCOLATE BUNNY! Question from her mother:Does it bother you when she alternates text colors?? Happy Easter,
Elle Woods

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April's Fools Day!!!

Hey Readers,
I have alot going on so I may not be able to blog that often and once Sophie gets back from her travels I may not get to blog as often either... School is just Stress Christina isn't able to write so I have to write for her after I do my papers and sometimes the teacher forgets and accuses Christina of cheating so I remind her, its easier to do homework because I dont do mine then Christinas and when homework is to read I read to her while I do mine. But, she gets excuses to not do test. I also got the new Safari Sundress, and Licky got a Statue of Liberty costume. Finally, my mom said I am FINALLY allowed to get an American Girl Doll! YES!!!, but the issue is I cant decide which to get. I rounded it down to Kit,Rebecca,Julie,Emily,Molly,Samantha,Nellie,Felicity,Elizabeth and Kaya I know I might as well not "rounded down" haha so tell me which to get!!
Elle Woods