Saturday, October 30, 2010

Really Three Monthes! I Am SUCH a terrible Blogger anyway so, my life has been rolling! I have gone to DISNEY WORLD! Which my owner posted from her own blog if you want to hear about her everyday struggles follow her... link is here and again her youtube here, her picasa here, Any way so I will post recent pictures of me! Sarah was too busy to do her weekly photoshoot with Jules so yea, I am going to be going to AGPC in November and AB&BDC on the Grand Opening(well maybe not)! I cant believe it I am the first doll in my family to attend more then one AG Place!! So exciting whoops better upload the Pics now, owner wants to make an email for each of us,a twitter for us to share, update our mass blog linked here, create facebooks for all of us (owner already has a fan page for Picasa and Tubers) Picasa fans here and Youtube fans here. And her personal Fan page where she interacts and you can give ideas here! I gotta jet pics are to come