Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's Kinda a long story,so hear it is

Ok so the reason I have been gone for FOREVER, is that I was in the hospital, but you really don't want to know,You do, ok well, on friday last week, we and by we I mean Christina and I had our monthly sleepover and we invited Aly, so we played truth or dare and this is what Aly Dared me to do jump off the highest human step,and I did. So we ran me to the hospital. I stayed for the entire week, my mom even worked out a schedule for who goes when it went
Monday:The Jones family
Tuesday:The Woods Family and Christina
Wenesday:Spryte and Christina
Thursday:Jo and Christina
Friday:Selena and Christina
So Chrisitina Never left my side,I got home today at 10, took a nap for an hour and a half and wrote my blog entry, I realized why I have an empty side of me, another long story which will also be told, when I was 7, I lived in New Orleans Lousiana, it was me, mom,dad,Kate,Kailey,Aly,Me and my twin Erica, when the hurricane hit only 5 of us made it alive or so we think it may have been 6 all we know is my dad is dead, and 6 of us fleed my twin sister,died right before my eyes, it was the most tradgic thing in my life I kept saying Erica over and over.I realized that big chunk of me missing is my dad, and Erica

Saturday, May 8, 2010


My mom isn't getting school stuff she is saving up for a seceret object you'll see!