Sunday, August 19, 2012

Well Sarah's going to American Girl NY on Friday, without me yet again

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Old things

Well hello fans, 

There was absolutely nothing going on Yesterday except for cleaning in which Sarah found her diary from Age 11 1/2 - 12. She read it and I remembered my old blog Elle's Pinkness  I thought  because of the title, I needed to make it stand out more often, well isn't it funny looking back on things? I gotta go, Sarah is fan girling over Joey Richter and needs to watch A Very Potter sequel

Snaps From, 

Elle Woods

Monday, August 6, 2012

Boring day

Dear Fans,
                Today Sarah is showing me this thing called Starkid, she's been fan girling over for a long time and refused to show me.  Well thats about all, Sarah really wants to get started so Bye Guys,

The Excellence,
                          Elle Woods

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wow! Hello Again!

Here is a necklace Sarah made, I have a matching one that says Elle Woods somewhere...

Sarah feeding a goat, It tickled apparently she wouldn't let me do it because she was afraid it would bite my hand off ! 

Sarah holding a Baby Goat <3 td="td">

Its side ways, I cannot  rotate it but here is a picture of Sarah in Gettysburg with her favorite president in statue form!

Here's one of Sarah's high school friends Kylie

Sarah and her best friend Dylan!

Beach (Which Sarah left me in the hotel for)

Here I am standing behind Sarah's fashion doll collection - 2

Sarah at a place her siblings went as kids before they moved to the place Sarah grew up! 

My confession 

You think I'm Strong just that girl in a wheelchair


Elle is ready to break so much more then that

Me and the students at my school for the 2012-2013 school year beginning TOP: from the left Juliana Alana Blanchard (16) , Mikayla Anne Hopkins (17), Katherine Anne Kitteredge (18), MIDDLE from the left: Delilah Rosalinda Alverez (13), Rebkah Mariah Bergman (14), Malina Ruthann Birch (14) BOTTOM: Eleanor Rose Woods (15) (c) Property of Innerstar U Sarah Campus

Sarah and I (Sideways again)

My school Picture from last year

Its me the all fabu Elle
Wow, I'm really slacking,  this Life blogging thing is difficult!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know I said I'd try to blog a billion and five different times in the past, this time I mean it!! So anyway its Elle here, with Sarah typing. There are so many wonderful (Or terrible depends on how you look at it) things that have happened in the past couple of months (come on Elle, 7 months is not a couple of months) . Well Justin and I are no longer dating, I dated this guy named Jordan for a while, he was pretty great. Now I'm dating Zach, one of my best friends brothers. Brittany wasn't too excited when she heard.... So anyway on to the updates on me and the dolls, Kate has celebrated her first 18th birthday, she has graduated for this year, so yeah, she's on her way to college. Kayla celebrated her 17th birthday (Man the people I live with are old). Juliana is now 16, she keeps begging Sarah to buy her, the care since it is for her in doll form and she just turned 16, Sarah continues to refuse. Malina is still 14 (haha her birthday is December 31st!!). Ronnie has moved to France, with out me and we left off on a bad note (Whoops) she might return and if so I shall do anything to regain her friendship. Lindsey has changed her name she is Rebkah now and she is 13 still. Delilah, we found out more about, she's a quiet writer and yeah, she's 13 now. And then there's me, 2 months ago, I celebrated my 15th birthday, I finished my Freshman year of High School failing French and Algebra (Yeah... I failed French sorry to my French side of the family and my french pen pal) but other then that I am good. Now for the person who is typing for me, Sarah. Sarah and I have the same birthday so she is also 15 years old, she finished Freshman year failing Algebra and French, she is currently receiving treatment for her disease, she sprained her ankle in Feb, she resprained her ankle this month, making an AG video. Well here are some update pictures