Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl *rolls eyes*

Yeah, She is the reason I'm getting #37, And yes I am friends with her <3 you Ali
The Person Beth is themed after: Bethany Hamilton
Yeah... This is who #57 is inspired by!
Homecoming 2011!

Sarah Wearing Makeup WHY?
Biggest Nerd EVER!!
Love this Series <3
Dear Fans,

Its Moi, Elle writing a blog post Oh my golly its been a while well lets see what has happened recently, I broke up with Percy (Okay he dumped me) the day before our 7 month, then I dated Ron and we broke up and now I am dating Justin! I have read the hunger games (HAGA LOVE IT ~ Sarah) I kindly decided to star in a series for Sarah (Sorry she is not letting me give you any spoilers :P Meanie) Sarah is wearing makeup practically everyday now. I found out Sarah wants 3 dolls Bethany Joanne Hamilton/Bethany Narcissa Malfoy (McKenna), Valerie Amber Rey(#37), and Emma Charlotte Rey (#57) And well Freshman year is complicated (Sarah looked beautiful at home coming Sarah: Why thank you Elle) And yeah not much else oh besides Ronnie leaving the school but uh that is a story for another time... Yeah Oh and I don't care about the Superbowl :D!! ~ Elle