Sunday, June 19, 2011

On The Road again!

Hey Guys,
Its Elle <3 your lives just got a bit better :P. Anyway, this post is coming from Nebraska, yea a bit far from PA(Only about 1,000 miles) anyway, so Sarah dragged me on another family road trip, this year: Yellowstone and the Grand Pecan! So, last night we slept in a hotel, because there was a Wicked (not good like the broadway show) storm like a Tornado could have formed, there was hail, rain, thunder and lighting (and the sky was a pretty shade of Yellow, which oddly freaked Sarah's Mom out!) so Sarah's mom had a spazz and they slept in a hotel, with our luck the storm ended the second we went inside the hotel and checked in. When we came back out to get our bags there was a Triple Rainbow aka the most epic thing ever, it went all the way across the sky!!! And so we went swimming, showered, and went to sleep (thank god!!!)
Love my fans,
Lady Eleanor Rose Dayley-Woods